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Kamis, 06 Desember 2012

Cover the crystal clear lake with shade trees make Telaga Remis always bring a romantic impression for visitors.

Talk about the attractions in Kuningan regency is never-ending. Various options with uniqueness, always offering different romance. One is no less tempting to visit Ponds Remis is a tourist area with all
romantic impression.

Located in the southwest of Mount Ciremai, Telaga Remis attraction offers a different atmosphere than the other regions. This lake is located in the village of Kaduela, Pasawahan District, about 37 kilometers north of the City of Kuningan or 13 kilometers south of the city of Cirebon.

Located at an altitude of about 220 meters above sea level and has an area of ??about 3.25 hectares with a water depth of 12 meters. That said, naming the lake is related to the number of mussels (a type of shellfish that are yellow) that live around the lake.

Mussels lake is a great lake backed by mountains covered with pine, rosewood, Malacca, Kosambi, bananas hyang, and so about 160 species of plants. In this lake, in addition to enjoying the beauty of nature while sheltering under the shady trees, visitors can navigate the lake by using wooden boats, motor boats or water bikes at a relatively affordable rents.

According to historical belief, Travel forest lake Remis estimated in the 18th century. When it moved to the Sultanate of Cirebon Argasunya. Another story also mentions the kingdom of Cirebon was in the area and the village Sindangkempeng and Cinara Mantangaji, as anxious to hear the battle between the brothers is in Punjab with the Sultan Agung / Sultan Haji Sultan against his brother were named Puragabaya.

That is the anxiety of the Sultan in Cirebon. Cirebon Sultan who ruled at the time was Sultan Giri Laya inhabited the Matangaji. Sultan is mempunyal a beautiful girl child as an angel coming down from heaven, named Ratna Pandan Yellow. Acts of war and daughter Rachael Pandan saembara Yellow is supposedly the point of inception of Telaga Remis.

Talaga attractions Remis is a blend of the clear lake water with the natural charm of mountain forests. Visitors will be inspired by the clear lake water is like glass supported the cool mountain air traveled challenge to enjoy the natural forest.

Because of romanticism in favor of this, the way has now become the Telaga mussels are quite popular tourist areas are generally young subjects.

Humanist Cirebon Made Casta said, many other stories about the origin Ponds Remis. However, everything can not be separated from the history of the existence of the kingdom of Cirebon.

"Currently Ponds mussels have become leading tourist attraction in Kuningan. A wide range of beauty and charm is able to offer something different than other areas. At least, in addition to the advantage of historical value for visitors who come to the lake to enjoy all the mussels clearly distinct beauty. At least that is the reason why the Telaga Remis crowded, "he said.

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